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"Welcome! Have you felt stuck, lost your passion or vitality, felt numb, out of control, or powerless about your life and the events that happen within it? Are you feeling lonely, anxious, depressed, despair, depleted, foggy, or confused? Perhaps you have lost your sense of purpose, self-identity, or meaning to life? Is your relationship in jeopardy? Are you struggling with trust, connection, understanding or knowing how to repair and resolve arguments? Does it leave you feeling lost, despondent or hopeless?

My mission is to guide you to empowerment, and support you to become all that you imagine and deserve. I support you to heal, and to gain clarity, improved self-worth, and emotional freedom. I aim to support you to explore a more fulfilling version of yourself. You will gain tools to learn how to rebuild trust, build healthy relationship bonds, learn how to repair and communicate more effectively in order to feel closer. What's more, you will learn tools to manage difficult emotions, understand your beliefs, values and behaviours, reduce mental pain, and so much more! Navigating the internal psyche and presenting concerns, we explore who you are and what's important to you. I work with couples (and families) and individuals; and utilise my theoretical knowledge, skills and interventions, as well as utilise advanced energetic tools, depending on your personal needs.

I often combine my professional education and experience of counselling/psychotherapypsychology, and evidence based theories; with mindfulness, meditation and multi-dimensional energy healing, in order to facilitate transformation on a deeper holistic level.

I am passionate about being of service to humanity to promote healing, growth, connection, transformation and lasting change. We are in challenging global times, and this calls for us to move deeper into our hearts and our truth, understand our reactions, heal old pain and trauma, connect to our inner knowing, and to move forward with intention, and to evolve. Change is inevitable, transformation and evolution is your choice." 


Melissa Mammana.

B.Soc.Sc., (BSW & Psych)


About Me.

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Hi I'm Melissa,

I have 14 yrs. experience in all areas of counselling, and extensive qualifications and training in various professional courses. My experience in counselling refers to relationship issues, individual and couple therapy, families, addictions, trauma, grief/loss, mental/emotional health issues, self-esteem, life changes, to name a few. 


With a tertiary qualification in Behavioural Social Science, a Postgraduate Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy, and Certifications in various professional development courses and healing modalities, I draw on diverse therapeutic approaches to promote growth & transformation.

Clients often report feeling lighter, empowered, revitalised, and more emotionally available to meet their own and their loved ones' needs. Through a deeper understanding of themselves, they are able to feel a sense of choice and freedom over their lives.