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Alchemy & Lightbody Healing.

Alchemy and Lightbody Healing (Transference Healing)

Transference Healing®, created by Alexis Cartwright, is a seventh dimensional frequency-healing and ascension modality that is multidimensional, comprehensive, and advanced. It works with the resources of frequency, light and matter (elements) to initiate and support  ‘transference’; a shift from one state of being into another. This is pure alchemy.

Transference Healing® is a truly unique healing modality and has a relaxing, grounding, heart opening, embodying effect on the recipient.

As we journey into the Age of Aquarius, we are being guided and supported to connect more than ever to our purpose, "intuition", empowerment, self-worth, love, truth, our true essence; beyond fear, self-sabotage, disillusionment, limiting self-beliefs, uncertainty, and so forth. 

Fear transmutes and faith is birthed. 

Transference Healing has the ability to shift and upgrade physical matter (your physical body), consciousness and reality, as we are currently shifting from the third dimension and anchoring into the fifth dimension. A divinely orchestrated process of energetic shifts is happening on our Earth, the Universe, and within all living things including human beings. We are also now able to access, absorb and utilise the profound healing resources of the Universe. 

Because the mind and body are intricately connected on a cellular level, the interdimensional healing method of Transference Healing®, initiates healing, transformation and change in the mind and emotions, as well as the body. With each healing, you undergo a shift in consciousness. 

Transference Healing® is an energetic tool that has deeply profound healing effects, that is alchemical in nature. It utilises many procedures, templates, and essences, that filter new codes, frequencies, and elements into the etheric body; and therefore heals on a cellular level while you undergo a shift in consciousness. 

Transference Healing is a self-healing modality whereby the practitioner channels through specific procedures with the guidance of your Higher Self.  As you heal, you also evolve. It helps to align you to higher frequencies of Light, and connect you to your Spirit (Soul or Higher Self). As it connects to your “Lightbody” and "Soul Self", it will assist you to anchor and embody Higher Frequencies of Light, and therefore higher spiritual realities, including your intuition or psychic abilities.  

A core principle of Transference Healing is that ascension not only occurs in consciousness, but also in body. The human body is the vehicle through which you crystallise light; it is the key to your ascension process. As such, Transference Healing is absolutely vital to your integration with the Lightbody, and your evolution into Higher Consciousness.

Some energetic tools used are:

  • Alchemy symbols and planetary energies 

  • Electromagnetic and magnetic frequencies

  • Colour and sound waves

  • Crystal and vibrational essences

  • The elements (earth, air, fire, water, and ether)

  • Crystal frequencies, platonic solids, and wands

  • Templates, Masters and Rays

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Stellar, cosmic, and interdimensional frequencies

What to Expect in a Session

During a session, Transference Healing frequencies are channelled into one's body and consciousness, while intuitively identifying the underlying cause/s of illness or imbalances.

  • We will debrief at the start and determine some presenting issues.

  • You simply relax either on the couch or on the floor (on a yoga mat) - your choice depending on comfort.

  • We will start off with a short meditation and breath work to guide you into stillness.

  • Allow up to 1.5 hours for this session to be completed.

  • You will receive a Transference Healing Reading and Feedback after the session, via phone call. 

  • You additionally receive a therapeutic essence, to further support the integration and assist you to hold the healing changes that occur within the body and this will be posted to you.

Distance Healing

Distance Healing in simple terms and is where the Healing Facilitator and the Client receiving the healing are in different geographical locations. Distance Healing is the process of facilitating a healing over time and space to effect real and effective change in the client's energy field, consciousness and physical body.

You do not have to be present and so Distance Healing is an option. 

Distance healing requires the channel (practitioner) to call in the person's etheric or energetic body into their healing space, to receive the healing session.

Follow Up Call


​Once the healing session is completed, you receive a follow-up call to discuss the healing changes and upgrades coming through for you. This includes an individual channelled reading that interprets, through psychic awareness, the healing impacts, wisdom and messages relevant for your Soul growth and expansion of consciousness.


Lightbody Essence

As part of the healing session, you also receive a 'Lightbody Essence' which is a crystal combination essence that supports the healing  upgrades and integration of the session over the coming weeks. This is sent by post, usually by the next business day.

Fee Structure

$145 for 1.5 - 2 hour session (In Person or Distance)

Includes a reading and feedback, and a 15ml "Lightbody Essence" posted to you